Various options available for braces

Gone are the days when crooked teeth and misaligned could not be treated. With the advancement of technology in the field of dentistry, multiple treatments for orthodontic have been invented. In order to cure misaligned teeth, option of dental braces is extensively used nowadays.

Dental braces, otherwise known as orthodontic cases, are devices that are utilised to align and straighten the misaligned teeth. Braces are either removable or fixed in nature, and they assist in positioning the teeth with respect to a person’s bite.

The developing nature of technology has lead to invention of numerous types of dental braces. However, this provides the orthodontic patients a number of options to choose from, while keeping their teeth condition and budget in mind.

Here are your options as far as dental braces are concerned:


  1.     Metal/traditional braces

On hearing the word braces, one automatically pictures a set of prominent wires and metal brackets, which are known as traditional braces. These are the most commonly used type of braces. Although they are least expensive amongst the other options, what makes them not so appealing is that they are highly noticeable.


  1.     Lingual braces

Like the traditional metal braces, lingual braces also comprise of a set of wires and metal brackets. But what makes them so different is that these components are placed on the inside of the teeth. However, these braces are not visible to any viewer. This saves you from any social embarrassment at an event and allows you to smile freely. Lingual braces have some drawbacks, too. Besides being costly in nature, they are quite difficult to clean. They consume plenty of time in adjustment, and are known to be quite uncomfortable in the initial days. Also they are not preferred in severe orthodontic cases.


  1.     Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are made of metal brackets which are clear or tooth colored. This provides them the ability to merge with the teeth and be less noticeable to others. Some people also make use of tooth colored wires to make these braces all the more camouflaged. Ceramic braces require care from their user, otherwise they will not take long to stain and lose their worth. Moreover, these braces are comparatively high-priced.


  1.      Invisible Braces

Invisalign is made up of a sequence of about 18 to 30 clear plastic aligners, depending upon the frequency of misaligned teeth one has. They entail the feature of being either removable or fixed. They are almost invisible to any viewer and allow the patients to drink and eat as they desire. However, they don’t function well for serious orthodontic diseases. They are more costly than the regular braces and endorse a time consuming treatment. They work best for adults and teenagers, not but suitable for children.

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