Dental Cavities and Tooth Decay

Dental Cavity is a hole in a tooth and it is one of the most common dental conditions affecting both children and adults. You obviously know what a cavity is but do you know why it starts and how it can be reversed?

How does a cavity develop?

Our mouth is home to different kinds of bacteria. They live on our teeth, gums, tongue and every corner or space in out mouth. Not all are harmful but there are a few that play a crucial role in the development of cavities. These kinds of bacteria use sugars in the foods to form acids over time, forming a cavity in the tooth.

When the teeth are exposed to acid frequently, with foods which contain sugars or starches, they cause the enamel to lose minerals. A white spot appears which the sign of early decay. At this point, it’s possible to stop or reverse tooth decay with the help of minerals from saliva or fluoride found in toothpaste. However, if the process continues and minerals are lost more, the enamel is further weakened and destroyed. A cavity is then a permanent damage which the dentist repairs using a filling.


How can we avoid tooth cavity?

Tooth cavities are avoidable and reversible if spotted early. You can perform certain dental care routine making your mouth healthy.

Using the mineral fluoride can reverse the process of decaying as it works to protect the teeth enamel. It prevents the loss of mineral in the enamel and also helps in replacing it. It also works by reducing the ability of the bacteria to make acid. You may increase fluoride exposure to your teeth by taking fluoridated water or brushing with fluoride toothpaste. Taking care of the diet by limiting sugars and starches is also very important if you wish to avoid tooth decay. Brushing the teeth after every meal can help fight the acid attack by foods. A regular visit to the dentist can also keep you updated with the problems occurring or starting in your mouth. It is very important to visit the dentist or hygienist regularly for they perform the following essential procedures:


  •         Remove dental plaque which decays tooth
  •         Check for any areas of early tooth decay preventing it from developing further
  •         Show you and your child how to thoroughly clean the teeth with demonstrations and good tips
  •         Apply a fluoride gel or varnish, if needed
  •         Schedule your next regular check-up

Our dentists at Dazzle Dental Care are readily available for dental checkups of the entire family. For all hygienist services you can get an appointment and rid your child and yourself of tooth cavities.



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