Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

There are so many elements that are responsible for skin damage and aging of skin ahead of time. It may be emotional stress, work stress, excessive sun exposure or other factors. Some people look for satisfaction by getting facial rejuvenation treatments because it can enhance one’s confidence and outlook tremendously. The physiology behind the treatment is complex but the benefits might interest one to look into what happens behind the face after facial rejuvenation. Following are the benefits of facial rejuvenation.

The basics of facial uplift or rejuvenation is that it stimulates collagen production. All procedures available aim to achieve this result which will ultimately cause skin tightening.

Facial Rejuvenation treatment can uplift droopy eyelids, eyebrows and irregular jaw line by various procedures. The extent of surgical involvement depends on the patient’s requirement. People maybe undergo a single or multiple procedures. However, consulting our clinicians is an absolute before undergoing any treatment.

Another benefit of facial rejuvenation is that it eliminates dark spots and pigmentation, minimizing scar tissue and other irregularities or inconsistency on the face. 

At Dazzle Dental Care we offer facial rejuvenation treatments. Please call us on 0208 371 4386 to book your free consultation.

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