Impact of Smoking on Skin

Smoking has adverse affects on your health and well-being. It alters your physical appearance by causing damage to your skin, teeth and hair. It also diminishes body’s oxygen and nutrient content and makes the skin look pale and uneven.

Tobacco smoke contains 100s of harmful chemicals which causes destruction of collagen and elastin fibres. These are the same fibres which hold the elasticity of skin.

Here is a list of changes that appear in face and body:

  • Loss of elasticity. Arms and breasts begin to droop
  • Smoker’s pucker causing deep lines around the lips
  • More deepeer and early start to wrinkles around the eye (crow’s feet)
  • Pigmentation disorders
  • Yellow teeth
  • Stain on fingernails
  • Potential hair loss in both men and women

Smoking increases the chances of developing eye diseases such as cataracts. Research suggests that smokers have high risk of developing cardio vascular diseases as well. Moreover it has also been seen to contribute towards weakened bones, earlier menopause and decrease in fertility.

Quitting smoking can improve the appearance of skin and body.  As blood flow gets better, your skin receives more oxygen and nutrients. This can help you develop a healthier complexion and less risk of serious medical ailments.

At Dazzle Dental care we offer support to quit smoking.  We also offer treatment and advice for patients, who require skin treatments  for  pucker lines or crow’s feet or pigmentation issues.

Call us on 0208 371 4386 or visit our website to book your consultation.

Quit Smoking

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