Importance of Healthy Diet

It is no secret that eating healthy keeps a person physically fit and positively affect one’s appearance. However, did you know that a healthy diet also contributes to the betterment of oral health? Proper nourishment refers to a balanced diet that ensures an adequate supply of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to human body. Similar to the rest of the body, mouth is highly dependent on healthy food for maintenance of its good physical condition.

If you are negligent in case of your nutrition, your oral health will be the first one to suffer from its consequences. Poor diet can weaken your immune system, thus making you more prone to periodontal diseases. It deteriorates your mouth’s resistance against infections and causes bad breath.


Nowadays, standard diet of an individual comprises of irregular portions of carbohydrates, sugar and starch. Ratio of acidic to alkaline food components in our diet is highly disturbed. This imbalance in our diet can be the primary cause of numerous gum diseases, tooth decay and unpleasant breath. Sugar content present in our food is responsible for the formation of plaque acids that are detrimental for tooth enamel. These acids strike the teeth enamel and force it to break down. This leads to the formation of a cavity in the mouth.

External administration of acidic foodstuff is not solely accountable for tooth decay and gum diseases. Internal acidic environment of the body is also to be blamed for the worsening of oral health. This alters the regular course of fluids flowing within the teeth. In ideal circumstances, fluids in our month travel from the dentin tubules, enamel and later into the mouth. This self-cleansing action of mouth, which keeps the microbes from travelling into the teeth, is aggravated by the internal acidic state of the body.


If you are aiming to achieve an ideal oral health, it is advised that you keep a track record of what you eat. Following provisions are favourable for a healthy life, teeth and gums.

–          Water

–          Whole grains

–          Fruits

–          Vegetables

–          Legumes

–          Low-fat dairy items

Aside from this, minimize the amount of snacks and junk food in your diet. Instead, eat proper meals as more saliva is produced at that time, which washes away the food particles from the mouth. Therefore, this lessens the impact of acids on the oral health of an individual.

Speak to our hygienist at Dazzle Dental Care in Finchley about how to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle.

healthy eating

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