A mouth cyst is a thin, liquid-filled sac within your mouth. Also named a mucous blister or mucocele, it might disturb you as you might feel a bump inside your mouth.

The common location of occurring of such cysts is the inside of lips but can also develop in other areas of mouth such as tongue, palate, inside of cheeks, floor of mouth or just about the piercing of lips or tongue. When it is occurs on the floor of the mouth, it is called ranula whereas when seen when on gums, it is called an epulis. The mucocele is bluish in colour, clear and filled with fluid which makes it easily diagnosable by a dentist just by looking at it.


The reason for these mouth cysts on the lips gums or within the cheeks is accepted to suck the tissue between your teeth. Not deliberately sucking your cheeks or lips may keep a few growths from shaping, however a few sores can show up randomly.

Some common causes of these mucous cysts are as follows:

  • Lip biting (most common cause) because of which the occurrence of cyst in this area is the most.
  • Biting your cheek
  • Piercings
  • Accidental burst of a salivary gland
  • Chronic damage caused by adjacent teeth


A mucous cyst frequently does not require treatment since it will more often than not break all alone. So you can proceed with your standard home oral care utilizing items.

On the off chance that a mouth cyst gets uncomfortable or disturbing, interfering with biting, or does not get cured in two or three weeks, see our dentist. Our dentist may utilize a sterile needle to open the highest point of the sore to empty the liquid out of it and it eventually will go away.


At times, your dentist will decide to surgically expel the cyst, particularly in the event that it returns after being opened once. Complications of surgery are quite rare, including the standard dangers of surgery, for example, infection or an unfavorable response to the local anesthesia. In order to eliminate any kind of such risk you should talk to your dentist regarding it in detail and communicate about any kind of uneasiness if you feel.

In cases if the mouth cyst does not open all alone and you don’t get treatment, a permanent bump may form. Although these bumps are safe, yet let our dentist observe your mouth thoroughly if some new structures appear in your mouth and you have concerns. It is essential to ensure that the dental specialist assesses this area by examination and or an x-ray, if necessary. Because your oral wellbeing is a part of your overall health.

dental cyst

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